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IPEC Network, LLC
IPEC Network, LLC
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We provide:
  • Full Charge Bookkeeping and offsite CFO
  • Our Price includes the Software
  • All Inclusive Payroll Services, including:
  • Paychecks and/or  Direct Deposits for your
  • Payment of all Tax Payments on your behalf
  • All Quarterly Tax Reporting and Filing
  • W-2 Forms and Year End Filings
  • Keeping track of all historical data of your
  • Services starting at $20.00 per Week

 We also offer our Client's Employees Health
Dental, Prescription Drug Programs and Life Insurance

Through our network of Licensed Insurance Agents,
Dental and Prescription Drug programs are available for
minimum cost.


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Tel 972-409-9800

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Disclaimer:  We are
NOT an insurance
company and/or
agency.  We are NOT a
Staff Leasing
Company.  We are an
innovative way for
businesses to compete
in today's market.  We
work with independent
licensed agents.
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