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IPEC Network, LLC
IPEC Network, LLC
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Accounting & Payroll

We are highly experienced accountants and legal
professionals offering full service Accounting,
Payroll and Benefit Programs to our Clients and
their employees.  We are dedicated to assisting
employers with all facets of their business.

            No Client is too small!

With over 30 years of Accounting, Payroll and
Benefit experience we are able to guide our Clients
through the myriad of accounting and payroll rules,
laws, tax deadlines and relieving the day to day
stress associated with the back office.  By virtue of
this service, we are able to relieve business owners of
many time consuming, non-profitable administrative
functions, while at the same time reducing many of
their expenses.

 Human Resource Issues
Businesses with 1 to 50 employees usually do not
have full time Human Resource Departments and
these important responsibilities are usually spread
among management whom have more important
problems to attend to.

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Disclaimer:  We are
NOT an insurance
company and/or
agency.  We are NOT a
Staff Leasing
Company.  We are an
innovative way for
businesses to compete
in today's market.  We
work with independent
licensed agents.
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